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Normal Town Songtext

I still remember you dressed in grey
You were cursing Silber living in Back Bay
Sailing on the Charles when I heard you say...
Let's go down to Normal Town
Right now
I washed your lover and scrubbed your face
Running from Miss Porter's you showed up one day
From a flat in South End where you made me strong
You said, "We're running out at both ends,"
SoI came along
Hey! Wouldn't it be great to never worry
About your future, never asking why
Hey! Hey? In a subdivision watching television
And our lives go by
Céline Dion: Große Vorfreude auf ihr Bühnen-Comeback
Vor 2 Tagen
Céline Dion: Große Vorfreude auf ihr Bühnen-Comeback

Album Friction, Baby (1996)

Better Than Ezra
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Better Than Ezra - Normal Town
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