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Problem melden

Supreme Songtext

[Verse 1]
You defiantly better respect me
Before I check the pressure per square inch you face can withstand directly
Beats so nice they spoil me, true loyalty
I flip a sample so sick, I'm never paying royalties
I demand to be held high like big salary
Don't ride my dick, you'll get burnt like one calorie
I can hold my own, and I'm soon to be known
From the biggest city, down to where the wild cattle roam
Low budgetness is no budget, I'm broker then broke
So dirty, cheap , and raw has you chokin' on smoke
Inhale and exhale, electrifyingly real
My microphone is handcrafted from a live third rail
I excel, fall off? you might as well, you bite as well
That'll send you right to hell
Benefit prevail, about time it's done
And I blaze so hot I outshine the sun
Continuous, so how do you plan to stop this?
You can't even come close to me like Lockness
Topless, no bottom, no sides, no space
That's how I kill emcees and leave no trace
Go ahead an try to find evidence
But Benefits ghosts like dead presidents
Your finished, why'd you step huh? with bad luck too
Looks like you gamble real high in a game of fuck you

No questions (scratching), Supreme (scratching)
No questions (scratching), Supreme (scratching)
All reality (scratching), Supreme (scratching)
No questions (scratching), Supreme (scratching)
No questions (scratching), Supreme (scratching)
No questions (scratching), Supreme (scratching)
All reality (scratching), Supreme (scratching)

I'm broke in money but I'm rich in beats
And I ain't jokin' funny off the coke and rum,
He's got your bitch in heat
An emcee wanted to be like me, I saw
I dragged his ass in gravel and said "now you're raw"
Explain to me, it's obviously plain to see
The industry supports awfully lame MC's
Time to change this, rearrange the games list
Realize the games best often remain nameless
Beware of Benny Brings he's aware of everything
Till death do us, hip-hop wares my wedding ring
I'm above every emcee like Yankee's caps
You're learnin' how to rhyme, better thank these raps
But don't call it that, call it hip-hop cause it is
I got you shaking like those epileptic kids
My thoughts move at a rate called ill-speed
If deejay's try to scratch this, their fingers will bleed
I try to play the hand that good will dealt me
I cut a kids head off, his body still felt me
I knew cause the body did a windmill completely
The blood spillin' out his neck was writin' in graffiti
I try to help them seize out, they just won't listen
Just a little criticism causes critical condition
You know what's incredibly painful? submission
Don't sell your integrity, you'll get no commission.


[Verse 3]
You faded away, step down you had one turn
Come to close to me, you'll catch a wicked sunburn
I'll pay no attention to a payroll mention
Your din' push-ups, I'm in the gym bench pressin'
That means I'm real deal, and your petty shit
Fake mafia emcee's spittin' spaghetti shit
Using Gotti's name in vain, and Gambino's the same
Time to chain the lame, damn quit makin' a claim
Fuck the fame, when I spit, I spit propane
My words burn emcee's in infernal flame
Eternal same, these rap acts dressin' alike
It's baptism and communion when I'm blessin' the mic
Have no real skill, but time will tell
If your gimmick catches on, then your rhyme will sell
Undeniably ill, but broke as hell
Just then the latest emcee joke just fell
Place me on top, record labels pray I won't drop
Cause their emcee's will quit, and the profits will stop
I can see you, but I can't feel you, like a mirage
I'll battle every sing person in your entourage
Catch a slap to the face, gun clap in the waist
Just a rappin' disgrace, another rat in the race
Wack emcee's get the dick, and they'll fall off quick
What's Benefit like? (umm he's sick)

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Benefit - Supreme
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