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Problem melden

Miss Broadway Songtext

Music: Albert Weyman
Lyrics: Evelyne Lenton

Well I'm gonna get a job cause I need the bread
But somehow 1 know it's gonna affect my head
Wanna buy fine dresses and fancy car
So I better go out looking for my lucky star.

Money buys, money buys

Hey Miss Broadway you're walking up and down
You got caught in the next by the underground
For fame and fortune you gave your body away
And you were forced into action the next day

Hey Miss Broadway, hey Miss Broadway
Hey Miss Broadway, hey Miss Broadway

Money buys, money buys
But your ticket for a square yard in the sun
Buy your right of living far from a gun
Watch out 'cause if you make a wrong deal
You'll see how it feels
You may miss out on your next meal

Money buys, money buys

Hum I like it, hum I like it, ...

The gambler won't get out before he's lost it all
The junkee always knows where to call
Hey Miss Broadway is your lover's money clean
You know what I mean?
Where is the connection with the underground scel
So so so so

Money buys, money buys

Hey Miss Broadway, hey Miss Broadway ...
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Album Miss Broadway (1977)

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