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Beenie Man - Monster Look Songtext

Monster, monster, monster, ya, monster, ya
Do I have, do I have to know, do I have
Do I have to know, do I have what I have to know
Oh no, no, no, no, natty

Do I have that monster look (ben up yuh face nuh)
Mek mi push it down inna mi book
Do I have that monster flex (big up yuh chest)
Mek mi out it pon mi cassette Rex
Do I have that monster walk (straighten up yuh talk)
Yuh haffi sleep pon side walk, geez

Verse 1:
Mi haffi wonder wha some idiot believe
Mi nuh buy daily news cause a X-News mi read
From a bwoy dis di programme and mek mi get grieve
Cut a bwoy waah cut mi speed
But nuh let mi convert and transform inna monster
Else it a go worse a than a natural disaster
Mi nah go jail and crow like rooster
So is either or ither, so hear mi halla
Yuh haffi bad down inna the ghetto weh yuh grow yuh know
If yuh act like fool yuh get overthrow
When the last man standing the world shall know
Bwoy dead like a cowboy show

Verse 2:
A long time mi did a warn dem and tell dem fi cool
Mi jam and relax put a hold pon mi tool
Some bwoy out a road a me dem waan dis
Dem never realise seh I'm a bomb specialist
I nuh response a who, a coulda friend, a coulda massive
A coulda buddies, a coulda crew, hold on deh
A nuh me yuh fight the mount a fire mi a push yuh believe a daylight
And the amount a breeze mi a blow mi wi lift up a kite
Mi is like a volcano, mi nuh bus overnight
Well a Moses mi name, mi nuh waah be like Mike (watch mi style)

Verse 3:
Life inna sorrow dis mi today and mi check yuh tomorrow
Ooh mi a one bad man wid experience
Put on mi frock and mi wig tek a hundred fence
When mi reach up a yuh corner yuh face haffi dent
Treat mi a send and mi naah mek nuh statement
And mi wi set a bomb inna yuh apartment
And mi a one weh wi wipe out yuh resident
But mi a use mi conscience and ask yuh

Repeat Chorus
Im Trend
Wendler: Bedingung an seine Tochter
Vor 13 Stunden
Wendler: Bedingung an seine Tochter
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Heidi und Tom: Ihr erster Hochzeitstag

Album Many Moods of Moses (1997)

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