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What U Workin' Wit Songtext
von Beelow

Shit nigga you ain't know, this that ballin' click nigga
This how we do it,
Nigga drop a thousand on the floor and don't even miss it
Ha, whatcha you workin wit, ha, I'm workin wit a mil, nigga what
You ain't heard

Chorus: (repeat 4x)

What u workin wit, what u workin wit, what u workin wit, ha
What u workin wit

Verse 1: Beelow

I'm workin five hundred thous, to you dummies that's a half a mil
To some of that, invested it in my grill
Got these diamonds on my wrist shining
And if you haters get to close, it's for sure to blind ya
It ain't no since in me stunting
Talking 'bout a roll in the hummers
Cause I know them boys be some chiefing last summer
Buffet fire is my drink, and I drinks it daily
So I buys it by the truck load, so I can bag my lady
Nigga fade my that's a unt uh
I can't be stopped
300 thousand shift when my album dropped
Brand new video bumping, so they can see my face
And a thousand strong streets he might have paid for the way
Ballin records on the map yeah we setting it off
No Limit Soldiers ain't the only one that can bat in that south
300 dollar studio to make these hits
Yeah we workin wit a mil or better

Chorus: repeat 4x

Verse 2: Beelow

I'm workin wit that Cadillac jeep when it's time to flex
And I had to buy my own bank to cash these checks
Gotta string of music thugs so I can roll these tapes
And I'm thinking bout that million-dollar home on the lake
Okay, unt uh, that ain't that ballin motto
Spend big faces by the million like I hit the lotto
Got cost by the car load, by the truck load
My big ballin status keep they mind on fuck ho's
Playa haters all around us trying to figure out how I did it
How got it by how I get was how I live it
Thugged out for sure, with that ballin armor on my chest
Ready for war, cause it protects me like a vest
Seven figure nigga, I'm that nigga that brought you ackin bad
Rolling on them things, making my cheese how the hell they bad
Whoa! You ain't know I had it like this
I'm workin mil or better nigga

Chorus: repeat 4x

Verse 3:

I'm workin wit a mil or better
As I flex in that stretch Lex
Throw away mo cash then yo last year paycheck
Roll big blunts, we use nothing but big faces
Ask me why I do it cause I love my money chasing
Love stunting, I play them ho's how it goes
Put that dick in they life and keep them bitches on they tippy toes
And when I roll it gotta be them big bodies,
17's spinning, if you don't know it
Break you off in a second that's how us ballers do it
Drop the ki's on the dice like it ain't nothing to it
Gotta floss on them haters make 'em respect my mind
Uht oh you done had ya turn boy now its my turn
Ballin 4 Billions in yo face like ha nigga what
If it ain't about paper nigga keep ya mouth shut
Niggas worried about my D Impala blocking on my shit
I'm workin wit a mil or better nigga

Chorus: repeat until fade
Shania Twain: Ihr neues Album beinhaltet
Vor 24 Stunden
Shania Twain: Ihr neues Album beinhaltet "sehr offene Songtexte"
Andrej Mangold: So süß schwärmt er von seiner Freundin
Vor 4 Stunden
Andrej Mangold: So süß schwärmt er von seiner Freundin

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Beelow - What U Workin' Wit
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