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Barry White - Love Serenade Songtext

Take it off
Baby, take it all off
I wanna see you the way you came into the world
I dont wanna feel no clothes
I dont wanna see no panties
And take off that brassiere, my dear
Everybody's gone
I'm taking the receiver off the phone
Because baby you and me...
This night...
We're gonna get it on
To love serenade...

You know I get in these moods...
Well you know how it is
And I'm very glad to know that you feel the same way too
Baby we're gonna lay here... And we're gonna make love
And we're gonna do it like its supposed to be done
Heaven only knows what goes on behind closed doors
The very depths of our souls will reach out tonight
You and me baby
In love... serenade

Make me want you
Tempt me, tempt me, tempt me
Make me need you
Let me long for you

You'll know what its like when a Man and Woman become One
And the only real way you can do that baby
Is when we're makin' love to each other
When you reach that
That simple feeling when you're makin love it's.
It's like you're in another world
Help me...
Help me...
Oh baby help me
Lord have mercy on me.
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Album Just Another Way to Say I Love You (1975)

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