Bfb's on Tour Lyrics


Bananafishbones - Bfb's on Tour Songtext

It's been a bad and boring day
That changed when you got in my way
Goosepimples rocking up my back
And then I realized it's whack
You get into the back of his business-car

And you really think that you're doing out there does finally really turn you on.

By the time I realized,
Try to love what I despise,
Horsegone we will rise yeah
And it's been such a lovely day
But then he suddenly turned off
And his wife took the credit cards and the dog and she just smashed off
Help me!
I'm in love and I cannot get out.
And you really think that what you're doing out there does finally turn you on.

...we all know where to go
We just float running apart
Nothing but stories...
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