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When It's Over It's Over Songtext

When it's Over it's Over
Words and music by: Steven Rhodes
So many times it happens, we do not speak our minds
And what we do not say, catches up to us in time
When it comes to an end, the only person we blame is ourselves
Then we find ourself lonely, in ouro wn little piece of hell
And you told me, whenit's over it's over
When it's over it's over always?
You tell me that you love me, but actions speak louder than words
You say you'll never go away, but things like that go unheard
Everyone must go sometime, for reasona of their own or for due time
And even though we don't think so, neither of us has committed a crime
Chorus x 2
Dschungelcamp: Janina muss gehen
Vor 1 Tag
Dschungelcamp: Janina muss gehen
Danni Büchner soll Sohels Sohn nicht kennenlernen
Vor 7 Stunden
Danni Büchner soll Sohels Sohn nicht kennenlernen
Bamboozlers - When It's Over It's Over
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