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Baeshin(Betrayel)_Translation Songtext

I' don't look out for you anymore,
I know the world, too is soo dazzling, not me
Now I can give more sadness to you
You don't have a heart
You left now one day
Thanks for leaving me, too
I don't need you

I loved you, but no more
You all left me, me
You'll regret it too,
If you try to return
Do you remember,
Whne we were together
Now, now, its all thrown away
If you return,
You'll having nothing
Until this super star

Love is not only beautiful
But it can't be first
Love must end too,
It's not so sad anymore
See all the sadness?
But there is nothing for you to hurt anymore
You are just a leftover now
Only going away

I'm so sorry girl, I do love you girl, don't you know that I care?
On that rainy day
I remembered that love
I'll waste no tears for you anymore

I know that I really loved you
Now, which, which is really needed?
Many people are important to you
Except, except one-me
I only know so much
You are the same fool,
With a "good balance"
Now leave.
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Baby Vox - Baeshin(Betrayel)_Translation
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