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You've Changed Songtext

What's wrong girl?
Sauve players
Is my imagination playing tricks on me, you've changed
It's mighty strange

[Ro Ro Dolla]
Yo, I remember you when you was a short fox
Never thought I'd see the day you let your drawers drop
Tired like those locks in Fort Knox, now you the short stop
You was the type that went to school, work and back home (back home)
Wild type, no interest in being known (being known)
Calling collect with your think on life, I like that
That's why I glanced at ya twice
On the public transit, even though you couldn't stand it
Plan on building the best for your grand kids
Minimum wage, you couldn't understand it
Plus, you was the tuff type, demanding
A better life for your folks, who didn't have shit
Too busy slaving away, hoping for brighter days don't pay
You knew that, so y'all went your seperate ways
Damn, things done changed

CHORUS [Saukrates] {Ro Ro Dolla}
What's wrong girl, you don't treat me like you used to do
Everything about you, is brand new you've changed
{I know it's hard}
What's wrong girl, we aren't as close as we used to be
Is my imagination playing tricks on me, you've changed
It's mighty strange

[Ro Ro Dolla]
Now ever since you were introduced to white linen
Cadillacs and such, you've strayed away
Wishing for that day to come
Where everything will be correct, for you your life set
Clothing became less revealing your assests
Though cash meant a diamond first plus begets
Made you flee from your family to live with your Sugar Daddy
On rooftops, to get a piece of the pie
Glamour and glitz, the new twinkle in your eye
Covered your plans to expand down
Still you carried on with your hustle, developing (word) muscle
A three year puzzle, had you forgetting your life struggle
Y'all, I don't mean to bust bubbles, but you ain't in control you in
I see it in you, wanting to maintain the grain
But the dick got you acting strange
Girlfriend you've changed


[Ro Ro Dolla]
I like it better when you was just yourself fox
Natural like afros and dreadlocks
Now it's about Lex coups and droptops, importing the cash crop
Yeah, you nothing but part of the cash crop
With potential of becoming more than them (yeah) with their as up
Got you gassed up with visions of fast money
It's funny it seems better, but now you're nothing
But a sale, fronting
Wishing to have something to hold on
But fate kicked your ass up full blast
Momma miss ya, wanting so much to kiss ya
They love ya, wanting you to come home
Start fresh again, new beginning
New frame of mind, new obstacles to climb and all that
I see it in your eyes, no surprise you want that
Shorty did your thing, never fall flat
I guess things done changed
**CHORUS over next lines**
Dedicated to all those butterflies, you know
All those butterflies without wings to fly
Sometimes, you just got to keep on pushing on
You know
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