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Come Again Songtext

You're one of those / who changed the rules
You brought in new rules / which you obey
& coping, coping, coping - or nearly anyway
But is it real? Are you feeling it?
You behave like a model / For others to follow -
Equal shares, equal shares
It's frustrating / aggravating / os annoying / pretend you're enjoying
It's your turn now / But do you want to
I don't know if you want to
It's inhibiting / restricting / so confusing / now I'm losing count
Can't concentrate, it's another way to take
Mustn't think about it / Free and at ease
You're not selfish / You're trying hard to please me - please please me
Is your finger aching / I can feel you hesitating
Is your finger aching!?!
Yes, thank you / I got one
Yes, it was nice / Yes, we should go to sleep now
Yes, yes it was fine
We must, we must do it again sometime
We must - yes, but I'm tired
Cum again, wot? - I need to etc etc
Shit, I forgot to put my cap in.
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Album Playing With a Different Sex (1981)

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Au Pairs - Come Again
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