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Violent by Nature Songtext

Morbid fascination instilled within our young
Raised and weaned on cold steel, the damage it has brung
Little plastic war toys always within reach
Replicas of war, what lessons do they teach

Minimal control, that's why this land is great
Accidental death, the lesson learned too late
Escalating tensions sweeping 'cross our land
A gun beneath your pillow you fail to understand

Images of violence flicker on the screen
Taken in by young eyes unsure of what it means
Violent heritage echoed in their games
Countless shattered lives, no one learns their names

[Repeat pre-chorus]

Violent by nature [4x]

[Solo: Lykins]

Children raised on violence, soon no place to run
Setting fights with bullets, the nightmare's just begun
Staring out the window, your child plays with friends
Waving plastic pistols, the circle never ends

[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]
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Atrophy - Violent by Nature
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