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Falling off the back side
Of the edge of a reason
I can't change the way I feel
And I wouldn't change a thing
Crawling down the wrong side
Of the faces in my mind
A thousand blades of yesterday
Can't save me from you this time

And you are light
And you are here
And you are gone
(and you're amazing)
Tomorrow hazing never even began to reach you
I tried to reach you...

The sun is dim
The distance grows
To hold the wind
Across the floes
A mirror kiss between her eyes
Has blown a wish beneath the lies
A voice is similar and free
But no more time to carry
You dragging me down, me drawing you in
The rain it falls, it falls so hard

Reach through the grey
Smoothing out the surfaces retaining your smile
A voice in the distance
Become poseidon, eating the sea
If you could read between the lines
Reflected in her face
No more reflections
All I wish
So far and away
Far and away
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Frederick Waite Jr. verstorben
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Ashengrace - Anastasia
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