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Date of Birth (Intro) Songtext

Yes y'all, GOD bless y'all
See now this is what y'all been waiting for
Andt his is what we gon bring to you (Arsonists!)
And believe me, we re-relate it too
I'm pyro #79, Swel Boogie
Listen up!

Nine months passed, the water bag broke
Mad hours of hard labor, sweat, screams, tears, pains,
Suffering, frustration, agony
Only brought us hate, love, anger,
Happiness, doubt in faith, all in one, life begins now!
(Heyo Jise, you got something to say?)

My congrats to the world
You have a beautiful healthy album
That contain a trillion bombs of head nod
To shock the outcome
Three men and a cd,
That conceived this through a spit guard
Pilot pens and compositions
Hand out the the cigars
Place your right hand on the case,
And swear this shit is bangin
Happy birthday! We made it through pimps,
Blingin and dancin
(Yo Q, I know you got something)

(Yeah, no doubt, check it)
As the world burned
We took to embrionic state
Sonagram showed quintuplets
But that was a doctor's honest mistake
Rhymes fertilized the track
Initiate the transaction
Call for the legal assistance
To push through the contract-tions
The snare smacks you in the ass
You cry into a chorus
Cut the umbilical from the mic
And take the first steps with a cordless

Like I said, life begins now, Date of Birth!
Clueso: Sechs Wochen in psychiatrischer Kinderklinik
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Clueso: Sechs Wochen in psychiatrischer Kinderklinik
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Arsonists - Date of Birth (Intro)
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