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We Ready (Remix) Songtext

[Intro underlies hook]
I feel the master, I feel him
Y'all ready, they ready
Well come on, well come on
Y'all ready, they ready
We ready, we ready
Come on, come on
We ready, we ready, come on
Come on, come on
Break bread ho, break bread ho
Come on, break bread ho, break bread ho
Come on come on, we ready we ready
Come on in, we ready
Come on in

[Hook ("What what" repeated in background)]
We ready (What, what)
We ready (What, what)
We ready (We ready, we ready)
For y'all (Come on, we ready, come on)
We ready (We ready for)
We ready (We ready for)
We ready (We ready for)
For y'all (We ready, we ready)

[Archie Eversole]
Ain't no question bout who the best
Macy gon' lay the track and Archie come to do the rest
Step in the way, multiple shots are goin' through ya chest
You must have called Pastor Troy cause boy you is blessed
And I'ma take him out the game y'all
It ain't no thang y'all
You wanna buck, I'll rip you up like a chainsaw
The game's raw, boy please believe it
Keep your bible with you cause you gon' be needin' Jesus
Fiendin' for chart-toppin' hits
And Archie ain't gon' stop droppin' shit
I'ma make a million dollars then stand on the top of it
Rockin' it, till the day I die in this game
Archie with the Phat Boy addin' the fire to the fame

[Hook x2]

[Archie Eversole]
A-T-L we bout that head bustin', we leave you dead cousin
What's up, huh bitch nigga, you said something
If you ready why you stumblin' to the flo' huh
If you ready why you stutterin' I ain't Joe
I'ma show em' why they call us dirty
There is no mercy for playa haters cause he ain't worthy
Heard of me then, Hell naw before, bet you done heard of me now
Atlanta, Georgia where the dirty be found
See I done did this since my younger days
Only 16 but my pockets never underage
So let's get paid, cause I stay ready for it, please
And you is crazy if you think that you ready for me, so who ready now

[Hook x2]

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Yeah, yeah
Bubba baby, trouble baby dip my thang, love me, hate me
All in London yellin' Georgia, Europe better suffocate me
Hold it down for country crackers, leave them others up to Shady
Give a damn if silly sisters think I'm good enough then pay me
Tell em' Archie they don't want it, however they can get it
Told em' bout that booty chatter, y'all better go on with it
Infiltrated mainstream, maintainin' the same theme
Polo shirts and pig shit, can't even get them stains clean
Ain't too much I ain't seen in between the grains in Athens
Ups and downs, rights and lefts all around me brains are scratchin'
Any how we ready now, the new South has arrived
We savages is fixin' to eat and won't stop till they satisfied

[Hook to fade]
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Archie Eversole - We Ready (Remix)
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