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Battle Me Songtext
von Apathy

[Verse 1]
I master my steez.
Disaterous to wacker Emcee's.
Attacking with ease,
And bring a bat to shatter your knees.
I'm badder than ¿"???"?.
Rappers screaming, "Apathy please, show mercy".
But their begging doesn't matter to me.
I'm allergic to wacker rappers, and automaticaly sneeze,
So when they rap after me, I try not to breathe.
Blow flows into tissue like boogies and snots.
Cock the hem and pop the glock like a rookiesh cop.
And when bitches see me rock, their pussy gets hot.
Got 'em counting down the days that it took me to drop.
And when the records in the store, you'll be begging for more,
Cause you never heard a style like this perfected before.
From the surface of the Earth to the center of the core,
Epidermis of a girl or placenta of a whore.
All the verses in the World couldn't settle the score.
Causy Apathetic is the master of the deepest metaphors.

[Verse 2]
I'll snatch your ¿link?, just to make you think.
I draw gats quicker than the human optical blinks.
Have you terrified, washing your sweaty face in a sink.
Cause you pussy like a porn star dressed in pink.
I'm on the break of blowing to being thrown in a ¿glink?.
Cause I start fights with cats like my shit don't stink.
You think you gigantic, but you Titanic sink.
I'm dynamic with ink, making larger heads shrink.
I don't rock ice, don't even like ice in drinks.
Go south for the winter, to hot for ice rinks.
You flow soft, knock your nose off like the Sphinx.
Hit hoes off, that's why your girls see's me and winks.
I'm the sleeziest rap ¿phink?, Hip-Hop's Larry Flynnt.
Hard to see like black tints, cats squint to glimpse.
Never leave hints, photos, or finger prints.
I'm down low, below underground macs and pimps.
You new jack's and whimps, try hard, become limp.
While my name is getting print across billboards and blimps.
At Bar-B-Ques you shrimps, leaving my imprints,
An ¿instant is "???"?, before you could even flinch.
Battle me, step up and die.
So let me clarify, that I terrify.
Paralyze, while you sit there and cry.
I never lie, verify.
I travel without moving like Ap was Jamaroquoi.
Bill Kaulitz: Endlich keine Geheimnisse mehr
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Bill Kaulitz: Endlich keine Geheimnisse mehr
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Gaby Köster: Der Schlaganfall machte sie zu einer anderen Person
Apathy - Battle Me
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