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Ping Pong Songtext

[m. sayyid]
Watch the ball
Watch the way i climb around your hall
Walkin up walls
Sideways then i stall
Throw the web on you all
Back up with a u-haul
Wreck your rep like eddie on an la strip with rupaul
Yeah you got the gall
A bitch in a shawl rockin the mall
Poppin pussy knockin
He's on brawl talkin about
He got a crazy benz
Poutin, fussin every second
Where's the atm's
When you peep at my shit it's like a wavy lens
Don't secondary y'all
Do what i bake for the fate
Two shakes of scary spice and i'm off with the cake
On a rack for the track
Let it cool off, then bleah
Your whole crew want a snack after they nap
Runnin up on me
But i told y'all kids
That's for the company
My symphonic monopoly
Philosophy sloppily
Etchin notes awkwardly
Quarter to three
Glass amp with a gas lamp
White wig slang wolfgang
English chamber orchestratin a deadly banger
The stranger with anger
Prospect park the strangler
You couldn't catch me in the swamps
With six navigators, alligators, maps and calibrators
Yo priest throw the shit that keeps em on their toes like ballerinas

It's the return

It's the return to the prime time
That's your debt
You get pet
Expect to set epithets
Epiliptic elipses
My thought eclipses
Lapses in your fractal jelly jar
Czar dictator
Often immitated and hated by many
Judge me by my flows
Judge me by my foes
Enclosed foes
Judge me by the fact on a track
I reenact a fact that is only known
In an intimate zone with a mic home at night
Tight poems, i'm known to write triflin poems
On homes of grown kids with blown wigs
They live in crypts and sleep under stairs on chairs
Three cheers, hp lives like plants
Get your dance on, put your fake eyes on
Try on krylon
My songs sing about the freedom of my people
New balance sneaker fever
Thunder reciever
On to the three is hp

It's the return
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Album Arrhythmia (2002)

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