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The Bomb Songtext

We'll never be another country's slaves and we're sure to live free for the rest of our days
Thanks, thanks to the bomb
No one would dare do something rash cause we'd send them off with a mighty crash
Thanks, thanks to the bomb

{The bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb etc. etc., Thank you, thank you for the bomb}

It's great living in the biggest country that's got the whole world on its knees
Thanks, thanks to the bomb
In silos under the Midwest plains, there lies the strength that ensures America's gains
Thanks, thanks to the bomb


No one will know the sacred day, when we all go out in that special way
Thanks, thanks to the bomb
So lets move to the city that's gonna get hit, cause I don't want my guts coming out in my shit
Thanks, thanks to the bomb
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Anti-Heros - The Bomb
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