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I've been down this road once or twice before
Through the open door
I come falling through it
There's a sign post up ahead
Like a watershed
And it opens my eyes
Ways, for met to begin
To be born again
And knowing for the first time
Ways, all so differently
Shine for me to see
The better man that I am

I've been places in my head
Behind me worse than what's ahead
And on my path just like a dream
Takes me from the inbetween
From out of nowhere you came strong as stone
And now I'll never have to be alone
What it is I know

You have always been my safe home
I walk, I run, I burn out into you
You have always been my safe home
My whole world has moved on

I know what I am and I'll always be
Your reality, is better than I could dream
All my fears turn from black to white
And I'd stand and fight
The whole world for you
Faith, and destiny
I never did believe
My only god is love and,
Faith, what I see in you
And I can hold it true
Like a weight in my hand
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