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Helpless Songtext

So I long for you and you long for me
But distance makes it so hard
There's nothing to do but wait for the day
We're no longer apart.

Oh time passes fast when I come back home
And miles they get back inbetween us
It never can last 'cos I've got to go
I only feel.

That I'm so
Helpless helpless
In your arms
'cos time goes flying - flying by
And it's endless endless
Far apart
I ask why - if you're still mine.

Helpless helpless far away
There's just the telephone
Just to make less helpless
What I say
When i hear the sound - you're calling me now.

So I look at you and you look at me
In pictures hung on the wall
And what can I do but wait for the day
I hear your voice when you call.

So always remember - never forget
The love that is living inside us
If my voice is sad I only regret
That you are far - and I'm so
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Ann Lee - Helpless
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