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The starry sky - english Songtext

Again tonight there's the fleeting starry sky
The shining stars are hanging with wishes...

Altough worries will always endure,
The door is opening
Walking, falling, you're the one that picks me up and gives me strength
So you'll become a proud star and I'll sing
Now I won't do less than my best, I'll become stronger like...

Unswaying love, this important love
No one else is so precious
This night is surely uneasy but
We're the one that won't lose, but go on living...

Destiny is such a brutal thing
Can't we follow our expectations?
It's scattering, falling but this hand is here
I'm carrying painful secrets for you while I sing
Think of, believe, don't forget this wish

Because who will surely hide weakness
Aren't you definitely scared?
I'm sure I'll come and understand
We're the one that won't lose, but go on living

It was fleeting and no more...
There is no need for sadness
Helene Fischer freut sich auf Weihnachten
Vor 1 Tag
Helene Fischer freut sich auf Weihnachten
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Emilia Schüle kritisiert „perverse“ Social-Media-Welt
Angelic Layer - The starry sky - english
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