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The Car Song Songtext
von Angeli

I sold my old car today
To say goodbye to you and memories of yesterday
There was just too much of you in it
Like an old photograph
A negative reminder of having you around
My old car had known better days
But now it needed a fix
An overhaul, cos just a tune-up wouldn't do
It seemed the more I put into it
The less I got
Couldn't stand it any more, I just wanted out
But oh, oh, oh, how to ease the pain
Am I never to see you again
You had become such a habit
Like my old VW Rabbit
With my new Chevrolet I guess I'll be okay
I'll be okay
My old car was used when I bought it
It already had too many miles on it
So it never did run, from day one, like I wanted it to
I tried to ignore warning signals
Didn't take the time to shop around
I was caught in a spiral that was dragging me down
[Composed by Angeli; (c)1991 Shenai Song Productions (ASCAP)]
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Angeli - The Car Song
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