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The Gathering Songtext

Maybe tomorrow I won't awake here
Now is the time of prophecy's fulfillment

A new order for all the people
One mark, a code in their hands
Nation unifying, the union of religions
A world leader, war rumors
Famine and pestilences
Persecution of the Christians
Blasphemies against God

God shall take His sons
God shall take His Holy Spirit

In the blue sky
I see the signs of the gathering
A force divine
From the heaven calls me and draws me to His Light

A New Eden
A new world purified by the fire
No more tears
No more slave of lying

The global hearing
Catastrophes upon earth
The increase of badness and perversion of men
False prophet, false messiah
The love of many will cool
Signs of the last days
Fragen über Amos
Was kritisierte der Prophet Amos?
Wie viele Visionen hatte Amos?
Ist Amos mit seiner Mission gescheitert?
Woher stammt der Prophet Amos?
Amos - The Gathering
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