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Hello Suzie Songtext

Ev'rybody's sat here waiting for the train to come.
Just laid down a bright-red carpet for her to step on'
Looking through the band I see her waving her
Hands at me.
Her looks were tanned and quite amazing as she
Ran to me.
Frantic'lly she knocked me over causing such a
Shook the crowd enough to sway the interest from
The Queen.
Her black transistor socked out 1 o' clock radio
Completely drowned the band and loud enough to stop the show.

Hello Susie tell me the news about youself
Hello Susie tell me that you've enjoyed yourself
Yes sir, rock and roll the day away. Come on ev'rybody.
They all seem too keen to make a scene. Come on
Ev'rybody, gotta kick the dust away.
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Album Farewell to the Real Magnificent Seven (1969)

Amen Corner
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Amen Corner - Hello Suzie
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