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I'm 21 and I'm five foot nine
Got a face and a body to change your mind
I'm a picture so fine to see,

Whenever I walk the streets of town
The men and the boys they all fall down
Saying " Darling, come home with me,
Oh, pretty darling, come home with me"

My daddy he's a businessman got a big
Old castle in Switzerland
And a manison by the sea.

He spends his days with queens
And kings and he fills his pockets
With diamond rings and he brings
Them home to me
Oh, ya he brings them all home to me

Oh, Dreaming helps you make it through the day,
Dreaming where there's nothing left to say,
Dreaming helps to take the pain away,
Me, I live in dreams.

My husband he's a movie star
He comes home every night in a brand new car
And he calls me his perfect wife

We have a big old house with a 100 rooms
And a fine rose garden that always blooms
It's a very happy life
Oh, yes a very happy life

Dreaming is a way to past the time
Dreaming everything will turn out fine,
Dreaming is the only thing that's mine
Me, I live in dreams

Woo-oo-oo Sometimes I dream

With the dishes done and the kids all gone
I stand and I stare at the old brown lawn
And I close my eyes and I'm free

And down my walk comes a handsome man
And he takes me by my rough red hands
And he heals it with a kiss
He says "Let me take you away from all of this"

Oh dreaming no, it's not the same as lies
Dreaming it's the easiest disguise
Dreaming that there's love still in your eye's
Me, I live in dreams
Me, I live in dreams






Sometimes I dream
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