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Someday We'll All Be Free Lyrics


Alicia Keys - Someday We'll All Be Free Songtext

Hang on to the world as it spins around
Just don't let the spin get you down (uhmm)
Things are moving so fast
Hold on tight and you will last
Keep your self-respect your only pride
Get yourself and your keep your strive (uhmm)
Never mind your fears
Brighter days will soon be here
Take it from me some day we'll all be free
Keep on working tall hold your head up high
Lay your dreams right out to the sky
Oh yes
Sing your greatest songs
And your keep growing, growing on
Take it from me
Someday we'll all be free
Oh, oh, oh say it
Just wait in see
Someday we'll all be free
So just keep walking
And you'll take it from me
Someday yeah
(uhmm) say it
Oh you ,you, you, you, you and me
Is gonna be free
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
So wanna! I wanna! you wanna! u gonna!
We wanna! we gotta! Be free!
(uhmm): oh yeah
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