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Road to Ubar Songtext

The commands of an ancient sultan
Whispers through the sandstorm wind of time.
Calling across the centuries
A lost ghost city of the mind.
Far beyond the valley of the kings,
Lies buried deep within the sand.
A city of decadence (?) and greed,
That's why the gods condemned the land,
Furthest reaches
Recorded time, lay
Ubar city of lust and greed
Reading the chiselled inscriptions.
A funerery temple.
Osrisis tributes to the gods
The sultan of (?)
Denied the (?) of this land
Decipher the heiroglyphics
City overcome by lust
Ancient (?)
Angered by the king of sin
Let the holocaust begin

This was the city of Ubar
Watch our modern life return
To ancient ways.

We're on the road to Ubar
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Alchemist - Road to Ubar
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