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Rosetta Songtext

Well, my little girl is a sweet little girl
And she does things that makes your eye browse curl
If you let her lose on a friday night
You know it's gonna end in a fight

Rosetta drinks her whiskey neat
She gets in a fight when she might get weep
So I go around on a Saturday night
And ask her that she feels alright ...

Rosetta, are you better,
Are you well, well, well (2x)
Well, well, well (3x)

When friday comes, she's fine again
So we go to a club where we got friends
Knocked on the door - we couldn't get in
'cos the boss don't want no fuss ...

So we went uptown and we dragged around
Rosie ended on the ground
I took her home and I'm puttin' two beer
And you can guess what I said ...

Rosetta ... (repeat Chorus)

--Solo --

Rosetta ... (repeat Chorus)

Well my little girl is ... (repeat Verse 1)

... well well well
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Album Fame & Price / Price & Fame / Together (1971)

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Alan Price - Rosetta
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