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Al Jarreau - You Don't See Me Songtext

You don't see me when I'm
Trying to do right
Maybe you can see me now

When I was walking,
Patting my feet on the pavement
Really, truly trying to find a gig
Did you stand up and speak
Out in my favor?
Cold desperation,
She's a devil in bed
Scratching till my bones are bare
Pill and needles are all I've left to savor

We were walking and
I told you of how my shoes
Of how my shoes were wearing thin
You took your surplus and
Traded for a favor
Now I'm demented and I'm
Burned unto a cinder
Forty hours buys a grocery
Bag for trash
I took my pistol and I made
Myself a sinner
Will this universe be merciful at last?

You don't see me.
You don't see me
I get so tired of trying to
Attract your attention
It has occurred to me that
You don't see me

You should go ahead.
I'm a-gonna-go-ahead
I know you're going to ahead
You're going to do what
You're going to do
I know, see, I see you, I watch you
You take the money and run

You take groceries and run, too
Don't leave nothing left for me
You're running and hiding
And ducking and hiding
And running and hiding and
I can't find you nowhere
I'll beat your mama,
I'll beat your daddy
I'll go to jail,
It don't make no mothafugging
Difference what happens to me
Going to be there in my
Own time, in my own way
Cause you don't see me,
You don't see me
I'm, I'm in your mirror
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