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Do You Wanna? Songtext

Do You Wanna-Akinyele

Do u
Really wanna fuck one of us
U got me

Thinkin bout fuckin u
In da middle a fuckin my Bo
What am I sposed to do about dat?
U got me

Yo, yo
I know this girl named Sally
From Cali
Bitched so bad
She prolly put the b in ballet
She used to drive from the valley
In a blackened alley
Fucked me
Where they filmed boys
In da hood
In da alley

I kno this nigga named Tiko
From Puerto Rico
Always wanna do it his way
Like Carlito
Till one day I fucked his friend
Named Fredrico
He changed his whole tone up
Like Mafioso he gone

I kno this girl named Samantha
From Atlanta
U kno every chick out there's a fuckin dancer
I told her girl I got more hoes
Than Santa
Fuck me for free
She looked at me
And get a wrong answer

I kno this guy like Lou Davis
From Las Vegas
The dude had about every colour flavour gators
Bought me a house next to his
So I could be his neighbour
I was like, what?
Ready to make Noreaga's

I kno this girl named Rota
From North Dakota
Ugh, phone sex like Motorola
Agh, when I feelin like Toyota
She be drunk
I be sober
I tell her 'turn over'

I kno this dude named Nizza
From New Yizza
I don't kno but out there
That's the way they tizza
Central piza
He tried to fuck me in the vizza
But I wasn't tryin to get
Left wid white kidza

I kno this girl named Keisha
From Venice Beacha
With features
Like that fat chick from Moesha
You peep her
Grab her by the hips
Like two beepers
Blow it back out like speakers
Killing that ass like grim reapers
Then throw the bird to the curb
Like street sweepas
Break out like a heard a zebras
That's what the girl get fo thinkin
She a fuckin diva

I kno a guy named Cisco
From San Francisco
Real tough cookie
Like Nabisco
I met him at the disco
Even tho he was with his bitch yo
I looked him in the grill
And told him the score

I met this girl in Japan
Named Sookie
Every night me and her
Do the Jukey-Jukey
She thought I was a rookie
When it came to a nookie
Shit, I cracked her legs
Like fortune cookies

I kno this guy named Justice
From Texas
Drive Lexus, GS's
He says the GS's are abbreviated fo good sex's
Type a cat that eat u up for breakfast
Tongue on my neck
Like necklace
Whispering in my ear
"fuck da next bitch"
He said together me and Hinky get rich
Now I got the nigga playin the block
Like Tetris

I kno this girl named Alexis
Also from Texas
Every time I finish here
I go and fuck da next bitch
I gotta straight quit her
Coz she's too possessive
She call my house
And leave over thousand message


Yo, yo, yo
I kno this guy Mandingo
From Sandamingo
Whaa, nuts big like fuckin mangoes
Whoo, u should see the way his dick hang y'all
Hats off niggas
Let a condom go
Everywhere it can go

I kno this girl
Called Tammy
From Miami
Huh, part time nanny
Big fanny
U should see it
When she come up out her damn panties
I lift my dick in tha air like a fuckin Grammy

I kno this
Nigga named Dean
From New Orleans
He make most of his cream
From serving fine
Tea, he always
Offer me green
To drop my jeans
I be like 'huh'
Talkin bout pipe dreams

I kno this girl named Raven
From New Haven
Bitch hairy like a fuckin caveman
She's not the
Type a chick u could sex and be fazing
She make a hard dick cum and
Shrivel like a raisin

I kno this kid called Ken yo
From Virginia
U should see the way he get up in ya
Nigga, bitch stretched like an antenna
Putting mileage in my pussy
Like a fuckin renter

I kno a girl named Hannah
From Indiana
Hair grabber
U kno she ain't got no manners
A real, true to heart, gang banger
Coz when I fuck her
She keep on her bandanna
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