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Problem melden

In Years to Come Songtext

My knowledge and logic
Fills my mind with fear
Thoughtless exploitation
The deadline draws near...

I behold the desolation
Before my eyes
Evolution's denaturalization
The black rain falling from the skies
My mind's visions
Our verdict of posterity
The presage of evil
Obscured thoughts of what shall be


We lwave this place
To pass it on
In years to come
Will all be done?

The home of life
We consume
Man's ignorance
Will seal his doom...

Darkness engraved my mind
Thoughts pass through my head
Visions of ravaged landscapes
Where the living are outnumbered by the dead
A place ridden with diseases
Where forest rivers glow
Anial moribund species
Still the seeds of death we sow

In years to come

My reflections are odious
When thinking about the daily regression
We're approaching our termins
As we proceed with our contamination
We defile our soul
With the knowledge of what awaits
This mortal coil
Is all too late?
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Josef und Narumol trauern um Familienmitglied
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Afflicted - In Years to Come
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