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My goldfish died today
Little heart in a bubble
Ray of light in my kitchen
The only livin piece of my mind
Since you crossed the line

Mister K mister K

They told me not to be sad
It is just a matter of time
What if you had stopped time
What if I'm stuck on yours

Mister K mister K

State of mind
Not really united any more
But one thing is for real a fish is a better friend
Than a human
And that's for sure
My goldfish died today, my goldfish died today

Mister K mister K

I named it Jack the ripper
Psycho under water
The only livin' memory
Showing how, you stabbed me
Fragen über Aaron
Was ist die Bedeutung von Aaron?
Welcher Mädchenname passt zu Aaron?
Ist Aaron ein deutscher Name?
Wie schreibt man Aron?

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