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Inner Streets Songtext

Inner Conflict
Nothing can stop the pain
And nothing can stop the pain
Suffering from anxiety
It seems like an eternity

Somebody somebody kill me
Somebody put my out of my misery

Inner Conflict
Inner Conflict

The pain it only gets worse
And the pain it only get worse
Give up 'cause there is no hope
Life is hell when you can't cope

Large two inch maggots decorate my vomit
Infecting eyes oozing pus
Acknowledge the stench of human excrement
Swamps of mucus prevalent
Every hole in my body drips blood
Every hole in my body drips blood
Every hole in my body drips blood

Hate is fear
I rip at my face in the mirror
Death approaching
Expiration growing nearer
I'm rotting inside
I'm disgusted with myself
I'm in hell
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Aaron - Inner Streets
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