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I got a letter from your lawyer
And you got one from mine
They say It's gonna be final
Once we sign that dotted line

We'll I guess we'll get our freedom
And a so called fresh new start
But when you take half of everything
You'll be taking half my heart
Our love got lost somewhere in life's complications
Torn between two lawyers and all their legal litigations

Off the record, there's something I need to say to you
This ain't easy but it's what my heart has to do
Cause I can't let you go until I let you know
Off the record, I'm still in love with you

I took down our wedding picture
From above the fireplace
And I stood there awhile
Starring at your pretty face

Have we lost our love
To differences we can't resolve
I guess if push comes to shove
Thank God no children are involved
I can still see you throwing your rose bouquet
I never thought I'd see the day we'd throw it all away




I've done all I can do now all I can do is pray
And ask the Lord to let me hear you say

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