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When the boys come home Songtext

When the boat comes in
I'll wait for you
With your little son
With his eyes so blue
'Cause of this war
You're far away
Come on home to me
Come on home to stay

All the girls in town
Are so afraid
It'll be too late
And they'll have to wait
In loneliness till eternity
Come on home to stay
Come on home to me
When the boys come ho,e from 'cross the sea
They'll come home for you and me
United we will all survive
You will see when the boys arrive
When the boys come home from 'cross the land
We'll be happy then again
And peace will be in every heart
In the hope that will never part

And the times has come when we should fight
For peace and love and the human rights
If I love you and you love me
Let's get together then let's all be free.

When the boys come home from 'cross the sea,...
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A la Carte - When the boys come home
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