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702 - Star Songtext

You're My Star
It's such a wonder how you shine
So no matter how far,
I'm dancing with you in my mind

How I find the time to think about
What we had before
When everybody that I know is
Dancing on the floor
Since you left the time
It's been so slow
Any corner of my mind,
Where else can I go

See I need you boy
I honestly think I'm
Impairing my health
See I need you boy
That's probably why
I dance with myself

[HOOK x 1]

Baby it's cool with me,
You left it off as friends
But I know it won't be long
Until it's on again
You're harmony to every note
You can call my psychic,
If you like
Whatever floats your boat


[HOOK x1]

We use to walk and talk,
And you would hold me hand,
By the time we finish talking,
We were running out of land
Now I can't wait until
We move together again

Oh baby, you know I miss you
So much
It's like you got the
Midas touch, Woo

[HOOK x 1]


[HOOK until fade]
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