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Ghetto Love and Heartbreak Lyrics


3LW - Ghetto Love and Heartbreak Songtext

It's been almost a year since we first met
And that's the day that I'll never forget
Got me all caught up in your web
But I knew what was comin next
Cause your the type of guy girls like to sweat
Just so they can see how far they'll get
Maybe take a ride up in your 6
Where in that picture could I fit


Ghetto love and heartbreak
Is always a mistake
Trust your heart to someone
When you think your in love, cause you think your in love
They gon' do their own thing
Ghetto thoughts they don't change
So don't give your heart away
Cause you're gonna get hurt, when you think you're in love

As the days went on I knew
I knew that you were more then sexy more than cute
Had a little look inside your eyes
That no girl could ever say no to
Much personality
A living game for every girl you see
Know just what to say and how to please
But there's no room there for me


I tried so hard to believe you only wanted me
But that was just my fantasy
And you let me down
Playin around like you were feeling me
But you were busy doing your thing

Chorus x2

Think your in love
Then tell me now
Whats really up
If you think I'm the one
I need to know
Don't let me down

Chorus til end
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