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3LW - Crazy Songtext

[Verse 1 (Kiely)]

I don't apologize, that I have compromised myself and another guy.
Its you I'm talkin' 'bout.
I've been with him for years.
But baby you uh, I must be crazy.
I want you for my own
You've been with her so long.
She never done you wrong and she's so nice to me
Should have never touched cuz now we're in love.
We must be crazy

You got a girl, I got a man but I can't lie.
I wanna leave him when I look into your eyes
You never thought that holdin me would change your life.
I guess that just stands for two
Wrongs can't make a right.

[Verse 2 (Adrienne)]
Its something that I can't help.
My heart wants someone else.
Theres nothing that I can do.
Never thought it would be you.
You say you're not afraid.
I'll do the same to you.
You must be crazy.
Its to late to turn back now.
I'm afraid we don't know how.
Baby keep your faith in me.
I'll never let you down.
Its funny how we both know
Theres no one else for us its crazy.

[Chorus 2x]

[Bridge 2x]
I been dreamin, baby you and I just leavin
All the things behind you could make it in a girl
Pack our bags baby lets go.
I just wanna be your girl.
You and I against the world.
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