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3 Inches Of Blood - Snake Fighter Songtext

Surrounding coils
Asphyxiating strength
Hold your breath
Before they sink their fangs
Resist the poison, break the snake
This is your calling
To stop the cobra's charm

Pierce your skin (it preys upon your neck)
Venom, it burns (the toxin works inside you)
Paralyze (crushing its grip)
But it wont take your life

In the darkest places
Children of set
Father king of all that slinks
A tyrant god is near unleashing
Crush the serpent
And all who do its will

Treacherous is the cult
With influence reaching far
Do not be led to follow their path

Infiltrate the temple
Defile their holy things
Silence the hiss
Of the forked tongue that brings

Formidable power few dare to defy
You are the one who can fight back
It tries to hypnotize
Distract your mind
Do not look into its eyes
Caress the scales
As it slithers in your hand
Break its neck
The killing blow you strike

Snake fighter
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