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Rollin Gang oh what the fuck is this thing
I pictured four wheels
I can't ride that
I'm reading the warning
Jimmy takes over and says fuck that
Because it reminds him so much
Of snowboarding
Don't even think of bailing cause
It doesn't have a break
Watch out for the trees
They can be nasty
If miscalculate the line that you take
Face in the dirt your mates
Are all laughing

Golf courses, smart park
Mt bipta take me back
That school in south Frankston
And old Jimmy's black hard pack
We're taking over your park
Better go there after dark

When we walk up to the park
Better grab your dog, pack up
The picnic basket
Yo we're not asking
Lovers rollin on the grass
Better watch us
As we're rollin by
Because you're going to fuckin die
Fuckin die because you'reg oing
To fuckin die
Yeah you're gonna die gonna die
We're taking over
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Album Upstyledown (2000)

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