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Black Sheep Songtext
von Zema

So long in the desert I've been
Perhaps that is why I seem strange to you

Black sheep, to my sisters
Black Sheep, to my family
Black sheep, to the workers

One thing I know,
Adonai greatly loves me
No matter what you say,
He greatly loves me

Rejection, persecution,
Bad vibes and cunning lies
All originate from the evil one
You have been conquered, abaddon,
Oh so conquered!

Black sheep, in the street
Black sheep, to the industry

Black sheep, Babylon that's your view
I know - whether anyone knows it or not
Gülcan Kamps: Bald ist es soweit!
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Gülcan Kamps: Bald ist es soweit!
Sing meinen Song: Der neue Cast steht fest
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Sing meinen Song: Der neue Cast steht fest

Album Black Sheep

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Zema - Black Sheep
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