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Oathkeeper Songtext

Withdrawn from the world,
You've grown too fond of your walls,
And of the safe panes of glass,
Which reveal monsters with human faces,

But those walls and windows are a prison,
You are bound to them, you dare not to leave,
Because it hurts and you're so fragile,
But if you never leave, you'll never find me,

You must not be afraid of what lies beyond the door,
Just set in motion steps which lead to me,
I'll meet you where the sky meets the Earth,
Between your world and mine,

I've grown uncomfortable in my flesh,
It comes off so easily, clawing in crowds,
Sifting through puppets in the darkness of daylight,
I realize that I'm afraid to be alone,

I stumble through the days, like the horizon,
To the edge of the Earth, I unknowingly leap forth,

I cannot be afraid of what lies upon the chasm floor,
I'll just keep falling, right into the void,
Maybe I'll fall right where I belong,
Between your world and mine,

Don't worry, we can spend our days alone, but together,
Keep walking and searching and I'll keep falling for you.
Dschungelcamp: Janina muss gehen
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Dschungelcamp: Janina muss gehen
Danni Büchner soll Sohels Sohn nicht kennenlernen
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Danni Büchner soll Sohels Sohn nicht kennenlernen
Xehanort - Oathkeeper
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