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Good-Bye Songtext

Started feeling good today
Until you came and walked my way
I just don't know what to do
Need to have a different view

Tell me about who you think I am
Have I been that type of man
That talks things you don't understand

Now I know I've been too good
That's what you never understood
I hope some day you'll understand
The helping touch of a loving hand

Don't say good-bye
Don't say good-bye
Let me take you away
And then we'll fly

I really started hating you
'Cause you did what you wanted to
I just want to break apart
Have I had an artificial heart?

They tell me that you'll take my heart
If one day I just let you start
But broken hearts are not for me
Especially when it's mine you see

You hurt me, hurt me, make me cry
When I found out that you can lie
You close the door and away the key
Closed doors won't let you hear my please
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Xavier Naidoo - Good-Bye
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