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Metropolis Songtext

[Joe Mafia]
It all started with snortin up D
Breakin in apartments, rollin in stolen cars
Stickin dicks, trickin in strip bars
Fly niggaz, whips tinted, switch it up, cop granted
Onslaught twisted, Bougard in the Clark, ripped sinned
Sudafed heads bent over when they sniffed it
Project song, birds tempted while the D's skipped it
Now add it up, jungle younger days, my head is struck
From after buck, the Hollywood swingin in Eddie Bauer truck
Close cuts, devious Devastator hot tracks bang
Very marvelous hearts string, wobbly dart sting
Melody, plated in gold, but hold the legacy
Destiny, to the death of me, roll with Killa Bees

[Chorus (x2): Joe Mafia]
Metropolis ghetto politics, mob hits
Thug logic is hot, I can't stop it
It's easier to knob and hard to knock two
City lights, gettin busy like J. lockin who

[Joe Mafia]
Benevolent, shine florescent, produce novelist transcripts
The power surge cut the lights out, save all that shit for the fuckin birds
Murder is Texas, asserted to death, perverted the skets
You confer with nothin less, the quick death
Get the head gased, dead fast, ready rock, hand cock
I shit your whole cast and I ain't dyin for friends
Onyx dense, instead of slugs, dunn, I'd rather drop jems
From fake thugs frontin, I'm not him
Since my life worth nothin, I'm not him don't get it confused
I hold peace but got a short fuse, so watch your mouth dude
In ghost towns, no white sheets, dunn, nice
When on the mic piece, 3 points stance with metal cleets
I tackle the track, a battle cat
Leave the grade off the wall, mad mafia rap, cannibal impact
I rattle clicks and I ain't havin shit, I'm emphatic wish
Strategic war tactics you lack, murder one element


[Joe Mafia]
It all floors from the source, abort the cause of this
Corporates you could take an add-on, puffin some ?
Snake bite, venomous peak game with the swiftness
Crack vile smile, stuff my hand shakes, fuckin with grinches
Higher cake look, it's easier with hooks
Pipes grillin mafia, but you shook with it sunnin who
My team spitted, niggaz on some petty ass pleads
Stoppin for murder reps, I plnat my lice fan on the streets
Stretch, escapin death with every step, hold my own weight
Control fate, plus with sole mate, on some mistakes
And who bets on who bubble gates, my mental beyond moets and cristal
I'm poppin high burnin pistols and need no switch dials
Dealin with cats lustin for scraps, whippin hustle cracks
We block jostle, fuckin with rats, rollin out welcome mats
It's hellbound, bustin my crown, seven point five
Known to get live, conquer new land, I will survive

[Chorus (x2)]
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Wu-Syndicate - Metropolis
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