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Internal Killer Songtext

Sometimes in my corrupted entrails
I fell something horrible and sickening
Eat away me slow and tortuosly,
Like an hyena eating carrion pulverize my pathetic felling sand exploit my ill brain
Sending mywisdom to shit.
It's an instinct, an internal killer,
Calls, scrams, eats away, the skin burns, rotten tumors break out in the body,
Deep and painful wounds ridding my soul;
Please please don't help me.
Aberrations in my brain, murders in my hands,
My instinct delights itself while the resigned spirit crucifies itself
Sex and matter in my body,
Blood and flow in my holy crucifix
My insane soul fights, but the laments and blood are my lifestyle
Never I'm gonna to tire of this sweet agony until your diaphanous
Willi Herren: Grabschmuck entfernt
Vor 2 Tagen
Willi Herren: Grabschmuck entfernt
Fiona Erdmann: Mir steht das Schlimmste noch bevor
Vor 2 Tagen
Fiona Erdmann: Mir steht das Schlimmste noch bevor
Wormeaten - Internal Killer
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