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Soldiers in dreams are like lovers who come without warning
And take you by surprise when you think you must make it alone
Sooner or later their presence is only a memory
But you know that without them you'd never have rolled back the stone
And as lovers lie sleeping, I find myself travelling towards you
The morning arises, the wind is as soft as a sigh
And whatever's before me, is nothing to what I have come through
The pain and the passion, the tears and the laughs and the lies
My darling once told me that loving was better than living
But I told him survival for me was the easier game
I couldn't live with him, now it's I can't live without him
I thought I'd feel different, but somehow I still feel the same
Romeo tells me that Juliet can't live without him
And Ophelia is crazy for Hamlet who wants to be King
And away in the distance, Mark Anthony loves Cleopatra
As Portia sits silent, soliloquizing in the wings
So if lovers are loosers, what price the game we are playing?
And what price the man who has not got the money to pay?
And the silence of angels means praying is just an illusion
For the lost and the lonely and those who have nothing to say
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Album Touch of a Rainbow (1997)

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