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Coming from Dover, now sitting in Paris,
got to find a way to get home.
No cigarettes, just this bottle of gin
and those Pakistanis gave us some food.
That's where we met on a railway-station
and a train will bring us home.
That's where we met, my Celtic princess and me,
but I've got to go home Celtic princess.

Celtic princess, Celtic princess,
Celtic princess stay with me
Celtic princess, Celtic princess,
Celtic princess let it be (rep.)

I remember the sound of the rolling train,
as we rolled the rails in the pooring rain,
and in the dark of the night,
I've seen the light in your eyes,
that I'll never forget my Celtic princess.


Weary hair, an fucked up trenchcoat,
broken nails and dust in her throat,
we were feeling like the last of camelot,
living a dream no one would understand but


It doesn't matter how long love takes, me and you forever in our minds.
Well I don't know your way and you don't know mine, but in the end
we'll meet again my celtic princess.


Album Ask the Runes

  1. The Last of Camelot
  2. Celtic Princess (version '97)
  3. Ask the Runes
  4. In a World Like This
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