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Effortless Is Man's Defeat Songtext


The history of the hells on earth
Reflecting forward, follies recurred
Distortions of hope shattered across the failed hereafter
The stench of decaying self-defeated flesh

Castrate the world and end the cycle
Put the aspect of life on trial
Indignant are the never born
Disgraced are the forever dead

Architects of our own blight
Deceit and greed, wired deep within

Societies struggle like wounded beasts
Stumbling over the egos of tyrannical rulers

Incapable of redesigning the machine
The significance of life has been rejected

Lamentable intention
Poised for incursion

Kill me Kill you Kill them Kill all

Effortless is man's defeat

Unlike rats and insects our existence will succumb
Premonitions of total failure tower above
The blind are bleeding the blind dry

The human condition is all but spent
Foes, allies and myself, none are exempt
Nothing left but the worn that crawl
The dream is destroyed and men are the fall


Proclamation of self-destruction
Purveyors of our own hell
Our time will come
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Thy Flesh Consumed - Effortless Is Man's Defeat
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