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The Lust I seek - Crowned in Damnation Songtext

Through the other side of humanity
Sun has hidden his ways, his face in crimson haze
Only weariness upon our former selves
Bring us down again, down to nothingness

Do not comfort me, words are meaningless
Do not pray for me, I am beyond his reach
Do not bring me love when my hate grows stronger
Do not bring me life, in darkness I am alive

Kaikki saatanan tuskat sisällään
Ehkä ihminen muisto kaukainen
Yksin kannoin sen, ristin kultaisen
Yksin kestin sen, kylmän helvetin
Kalmankalpea kuin kuolon kuningas
Kipu ikuinen tuhatkertainen

I don't want to die, but I cannot live
When everything around is burned away
I'm crowned in despair, I'm throned and betrayed
And everything around is burned to stay

Why did you take me into your dreams
And down to your earth you laid me
I'm longing for death to come over me
For far too long like this have I been

From the ashes, from the fright
From the almighty night
Arose she, my sweetest child
Oh come, come by my side
Crowned and damned
Forlorn and mourned
Come and rule with me
This immortal world

And we were for all time.
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