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Share Again Songtext

Those were the games we played
And the pain I feel
Teaches me right a change
To never ever try to steal the joy

And the magic that was there
And keep it to my self
Never ever wanting to share again
Share again

You were so beautiful
And you wasted all your time
Trying to live the lie
But sometimes lies come true
Just like they did for you

And you left me standing there
Trying to hold myself
Waiting for someone
To come and share again
I need to share again
I need to share again
Lilly Becker: Doch lieber eine Frau?
Vor 2 Tagen
Lilly Becker: Doch lieber eine Frau?
Pietro Lombardis ultimativer Fan-Moment
Vor 6 Stunden
Pietro Lombardis ultimativer Fan-Moment

Album The Battle of Electricity (2001)

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The Gerbils - Share Again
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